Mantle in Europe

Welcome to the webpages for the Erasmus+ Mantle of the Expert project


We have been finding out about the Mantle system, and applying it in our different schools and contexts.

You can find out more about planning a Mantle of the Expert project here

You can find out more about the work that has been done, in Germany, Turkey, Portugal and the UK, by following the links below. We hope you will find ideas to inspire you in your own teaching! 

Other project pages include: Training Matters - with films showing some of the training we did in Mantle

Sky Jet 7  A project for pupils in Year 5 (Key Stage 2), at a UK primary school Curriculum:  Geography (India), maths, English, art. To find out more, click here

Midland Actors Theatre (UK)

Toy Designers A project for Year 10 pupils at a Turkish Vocational High School

Curriculum: English. To find out more, click here

National Era Writers  A project for Year 11 pupils. Curriculum: Turkish literature. To find out more, click here

Pagev Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi (Turkey)

Detective Agency A project with a Year 5 class in a German middle school. Curriculum: Geography (Habitat Earth). Click here for more details.

Superheroes  A project with a multilingual transition class, Years 5-7, in a German middle school. Click here for more details 

Staatliches Schulamt in der Stadt Augsburg (Germany)

Educational Research Agency  A project for Masters students on a Teacher Training course, with a focus on interdisciplinary activities in Social and Natural Sciences to apply in Primary School teaching. Click here for more details. 

ESEPF (Portugal)

Sunshine Café  A Nursery class aged 3 and 4, in a UK first school

Curriculum: EYFS. Click here for more details

The Abbey  A Year 2 class in the same school (Woodrow First School). Curriculum: Religious Education. Click here for more details

Woodrow First School (UK)

Sports R Us  A mixed ability Year 7 class in a UK secondary school. Curriculum: Physical Education, PHSE (team work and leadership). Click here for more details

Turves Green Boys School (UK)

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